Full Album: Dom Kennedy – Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1 Zip Download

Dom Kennedy reps the City of Angels on his latest album, Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol. 1.

With 15 laid-back Left Coast anthems, DK provides a soundtrack for his hometown and his home state. “California is for gangsters,” raps Kennedy on “California.” “Y’all out of town ni**as just don’t understand / We don’t got the same mindset or the same plans.”

 Featuring appearances by Troy Nōka, Niko G4, Ricky Hill, and P-Lo, the project drops just weeks after Dom’s Half-a-Mil EP, which he released in conjunction with Hit-Boy.

This ode to the City of L.A. makes sense for Dom, who’s often shared his love for the city. “I was just a regular kid in L.A.,” he told Hot 97 last year. “I loved rap because I grew up in the times of–I’m a black kid in America. Wasn’t nothing special. Everybody could rap a little bit. So, at that time, if you would’ve came around and you said you was a rapper, I would’ve had something better than you. But that wouldn’t mean I was a rapper. I never considered myself a rapper…I started making music cause I didn’t like no music that was out. I didn’t hear no L.A. music. So, I put L.A. in the music industry.”

Track List:

  1. Let The Money Burn
  2. P O
  3. Dominic, Pt. 2
  4. In Other Words (Ft. Troy Noka)
  5. Everywhere I Go (Ft. Niko G4 & Ricky Hil)
  6. California
  7. The 76
  8. Cris
  9. When I’m Missing U
  10. Since We’re Telling The Truth
  11. Passcode (Ft. P Lo)
  12. We Still On Top
  13. Got It Like That (Ft. Niko G4)
  14. Johnny Bench
  15. Go Crazy

Download Album Zip Dom Kennedy – Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1