5 Must-Know Eyebrow Makeup Tips


The importance of beautiful eyebrows and their influence on your overall look has been one of the trending topics in the beauty community for years. Luckily, we have now moved away from thin, overplucked eyebrows to gorgeous, full brows, and most girls already use numerous eyebrow filling tips and tricks in their everyday makeup. However, there are still some eyebrow secrets you may not know, and we’re about to tell you everything!

One of the essential steps to flawless eyebrows is getting the correct makeup products, and right now you are lucky enough, because eyebrow cosmetics on jiji is the perfect place to shop for eyebrow kits, stencils, pencils, powders, gels, and anything you may need for your brows to look perfect. 

Find your perfect shade

The variety of eyebrow filling products is nearly endless, but they differ in quality, and, most importantly, color. A wrongly selected eyebrow pencil color that is too dark will never look natural and appealing, while a color that is too light for your complexion won’t define your eyebrows at all. The key here is to choose the shade that exactly matches the color of your hair if you want to go for a natural look, and opt for a slightly darker shade for evening makeup.


Consider your face shape

It can be very tempting to recreate the eyebrow look of your favorite celebrity or an Instagram model, but the truth is that there are no absolutely similar face shapes, which means there can’t be two identical eyebrow looks.The best way to find out which eyebrow shape is ideal for you is to identify your face shape. For example, if you have an oval face, your goal is to use the eyebrows to highlight the outline of your face, while round-faced girls will benefit from high-arch eyebrows that add length to the face shape.


Use eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel is such a versatile product that it’s truly a must-have in every girl’s makeup bag. If you’re already happy with the thickness and shape of your brows, a gel will help you keep your eyebrow hairs in one place for the rest of the day, which is a blessing for unruly or thick eyebrows. In case you are using other eyebrow makeup products, such as powders or pencils, a gel will help to fix the products and make your makeup look last longer.


Get a concealer

A concealer is a powerful makeup tool that you can use not only to hide skin imperfections like blemishes and dark circles, but also to enhance your eyebrows. The trick here is to apply a bit of lightly colored concealer on top and underneath the eyebrow to make it more visible thanks to the contrast between the shades. For a more impressive look you can use a highlighter instead of a concealer.


Get the most out of an eyebrow shadow

Eyebrow shadow is one of the best products when it comes to defining your eyebrows, but many girls don’t know that there are actually multiple ways to use shadow to your advantage. The biggest difference is between the dry and wet application of an eyebrow shadow. The traditional dry application requires a dry brush and allows you to gently add thickness and color to your eyebrows, while a wet brush + eyebrow shadow lets you do a more defined look perfect for photoshoots and social events.